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McMurray Pediatric and

Adolescent Medicine


From Birth to College Graduation

One Doctor, One Vision, One Goal,

One Big Family!

We are allowing for telemedicine visits when possible. You will need to call the office and we will then determine what can be done. Telemedicine involves video now since the COVID regulations have ended. There must be two way conversation. It also must be HIPAA compliant. Some visits still MUST occur face to face but we will make them as safe as possible. Do NOT just show up at our office without calling first. You WILL be turned away for everyone’s safety. We are screening everyone.

Remember to be on time! Bring the insurance card for the child and only the children for the appointment can be at the office or we will reschedule you!  Thank you for your cooperation! If you have Geisinger or AmeriCaritas, you will need to change the PCP to Dr. DiCamillo prior to the appointment you will not be able to be seen.  They are like an HMO.

Following with the changing of infectious disease recommendations of St. Clair and as I have required in the past, masks will be required in my office now for all those 5 years and up coming in for sick visits and who have well visits who have been sick in the last 3 days. This will include any child who had family members and any accompanying family members of the sick children or well children who have had family members who have had ANY close exposures to sick individuals in the last 3 days. Any questions can be addressed prior to arriving at the office not when you arrive. We will still have only one family in the waiting room at all times. Because of the flexibility of vaccine schedules and of peak times of various preventable diseases, this office will continue to be cautious to protect all our patients.

Flu vaccines are here! Call to schedule appointments. Still due to limiting exposures to illness, we will only be scheduling two children at a time and please do follow the policies in place with masks and do not crowd into the waiting room. Wait for your appointment time!



The Practice

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McMurray Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine is a solo practice located in the Washington county of Southwestern Pennsylvania in McMurray, Pennsylvania. We believe the future of the child is influenced by their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  We work with surrounding agencies and programs to help you grow a healthy child.  We are open to using conventional treatments and not so conventional treatments as long as we do no harm. We believe that the adolescent in particular is often lost between the care of the pediatrician and the adult physician.  We hope that your adolescents realize that we desire to be their physician and that we understand their unique needs.  We will not treat them as children, but recognize that they are growing into adulthood and need a tailored care. We believe it involves the family and the physician in the care of developing the young man or woman your child will become.

We are a member of EPIC-IC medical homes.  As a medical home, we will recognize and coordinate the unique medical, emotional, behavioral, and financial needs of children with special needs and their families needs. We also understand that as children with special needs that they will need additional assistance when they transition into their adult care provider.  We have a established policy to work with the youth and parents to make their transition to adult care painless. We are here to help you in any way we can.

limited labs on-site
but easy access
to local large



Flexibility when

it comes to vaccination

choice or


Accepting most insurance plans but call yours to make sure!!!

Short waiting


See the same doctor every time



We provide pediatric care from birth until your graduate from college. You will see only one physician who will get to know you well! We provide well-child care into adulthood to help with your transition in life.  We provide additional services such as earpiercing, suturing, wart treatments, and basic labs. We also do behavioral screens and ADHD  treatments.


Suturing !
Rapid lab testing for stept, RSV, flu, lead, pregnancy, iron and now symptomatic covid patients deemed by our doctor
sports, driver, camp and pre-op physicals

Vaccines if You


Accepting all major

insurance plans


We  accept most insurance plans including all major insurance plans.  If you have any questions, please call your plan.  We take all UPMC except for UPMC select and partner. Make sure you bring your insurance card with ALL visits. It is required by your insurance company to prevent insurance fraud. If you do not have your card at the visit, you will be asked to reschedule!

Symmetry is our billing company if you have any questions about the billing, Symmetry can be reached at 412-253-2005. 

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